Doug’s Stainless Steel Headers – Long History. Now Longer Lasting.

Doug’s Stainless Steel Headers – Long History. Now Longer Lasting.

Since 1958 Doug’s Headers have been giving breath to your engine with a commitment to excellence with every curve.  Our new stainless steel header applications are a testament to an iconic brand’s pursuit of perfection.

Unyielding Strength:  304 Stainless Steel Construction

A superior material that won’t succumb to rust or corrosion and with the natural stainless finish, these beauties don’t just perform, they shine.

Battle Against Warping: 3/8” Thick Machine Flanges

No bending. No warping.  Each header is crafted to precision especially our robust 3/8” stainless flanges that will stand firm without the slightest bow under pressure.

Passionate Craftsmanship and Engineering: CNC Mandrel Bent Tubes

Each stainless-steel tube is meticulously bent with the precision only CNC technology can provide ensuring not just fit, but flawless flow.

The Long Run Matters: Collectors and Tube Design

Doug’s Headers triumph over backpressure with our long transition collectors and long tube design to increase higher RPM horsepower.

We started with 19 new part numbers in stainless for our top-selling header lineup for Chevy, Ford, and Mopar.  Check them out at Doug’s Headers today and finish strong.