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Welcome to the PerTronix Performance Brands Media Download page. We've designed this page to give you easy access to our full suite of brand logos and other media resources. Scroll across and choose your brand(s) below and you'll be able to download a zip file that has our logos in every format imaginable so you can incorporate PerTronix Brands into yours. 

Plus, we've included several other resources to help you maintain our branding including a style guide, so you know exactly how to use our logos, our signature product logos such as Ignitor and Flame Thrower, and the Fonts that PerTronix Performance Brands uses within our own marketing assets.

If you are in need of individual product images you can visit and search by product part number.

If we've missed something or you have a special request, please contact Kelli Murrow, Marketing Director at

PerTronix Performance Brands Logos

ALL PerTronix Performance Brands Logos Download Assets
PerTronix Performance Brands Logos Download Assets
PerTronix Ignition Logos Download Assets
JBA Performance Exhaust Logos Download Assets
Doug's Headers Logos Download Assets
Patriot Exhaust Logos Download Assets
Compu-Fire VW and Motorcycle Products Download Assets
Spyke Motorcycle Products Download Assets
Taylor Cable Products Download Assets
Aeromotive Fuel Systems Download Assets
Waterman Racing Components Download Assets

Additional Media Resources

PerTronix Performance Brands Style Guide

PerTronix Performance Brands Signature Product Logos

PerTronix Performance Brands Fonts