Exhaust Systems

Exhaust Systems

If you're in the market for a powerful, high-quality exhaust system that creates an exhilarating sound without being overly loud or intrusive - look no further than JBA Exhaust Systems. Our systems are meticulously designed to maximize power and efficiency with their free flowing mandrel-bent stainless steel tubing and performance mufflers. Drawing from decades of experience in automotive engineering, we craft our products to meet any enthusiast's demands when it comes to delivering on these three key characteristics: Power. Sound. Quality


When it comes to performance exhaust systems, most people are looking for three things: Power. Sound. Quality.  JBA Exhaust Systems deliver the best of all three. While there is high demand for performance and sound, the capacity for power in a JBA Exhaust System gives us the edge. Each system is tuned to provide the best possible exhaust tone without being overwhelming inside your vehicle. By replacing the restrictive factory exhaust system with free flowing mandrel-bent stainless steel tubing and quality performance mufflers, JBA has developed the power, sound and efficiency you desire for your car, truck or SUV.


  • Large diameter Stainless-Steel mandrel-bent, tubing for increased HP/TQ and improved throttle response
  • Stainless steel high flow muffler(s) with a powerful exhaust tone, great flow, and durability
  • High quality hardware kits included for easy installation
  • Polished or Chrome stainless steel tips that won't discolor and enhance vehicle appearance
  • Factory style hangers for easy installation


Get that JBA Sound Now! JBA offers eighteen unique muffler designs engineered to provide the signature JBA sound no matter what vehicle you drive. All Stainless-Steel Construction for lasting performance. Available in both chambered and straight through designs.


Why put old ignition wires on your new JBA equipped engine? Add some PowerCables for improved performance and reliability. JBA PowerCables ignition wires boast less than half the resistance of most factory wires freeing spark energy and increasing performance. Experience as much 5+ HP gain with JBA PowerCables.

  • Extra thick diameters for improved appearance under the hood
  • 100% silicone jackets that resist heat and abrasion
  • Ultra low resistance design for improved performance through ignition system
  • Wire wound mag conductors for superior Electromagnetic Interference suppression
  • Custom tailored lengths with cylinder I.D. labels for easy installation
Exhaust Systems