Taylor Cable 60651 8mm hi-energy Ignition Wires univ 8cyl 90 res blue

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  • 5000 ohms per foot resistor core
  • 8.0mm Outer Silicone Blend Jacket
  • Silicone inner core provides added heat protection and superior flexibility throughout its lifetime
  • Not recommended for CD Ignitions
  • Eliminates RFI/EMI which can interfere with onboard electronics and stereos
  • Universal fit sets will require cutting to fit, terminating, and booting the distributor end
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For over 90 years, Taylor Cable Products have been the top choice of racers and enthusiasts for its value and high-performance features. Taylor Cable is an icon of quality and customer satisfaction in the automotive performance and racing markets. We are proud to have our Ignition Wire Sets firing some of the fastest race and street vehicles in the world.

Additional Information

Taylor sets the standard in “High Energy” performance wire. Our High Energy wire is manufactured with an 8.0mm blue high-temperature outer jacket that is oil resistant and assembled with steel double spring locking terminals. 8.0mm High Energy wires are the perfect choice for the daily driver and meet the demands of today’s high-tech ignitions and high under hood temperatures.


High Energy 8mm Ignition Wire Set; Universal Fit; 90 deg. Boot; Resistor Core; Blue;

Download Instruction Manual

Instruction Manual
Instruction Manual

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