PerTronix Dual Wall Heat Shrink Tube Kit

Part Number: A2010

106 piece kit contains red and black sleeves with tube size from 1/8" up to 1/2" in 3" lengths.

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Additional info

Building the optimal electrical system goes beyond the products themselves and requires high quality electrical connectors to complete the system. PerTronix offers a full line of wiring accessories and tools to complement our industry leading Ignition products including electrical connector kits, heat shrink kits and the specialty tools for hassle-free crimps, connections, and grounds.
  • 106 Piece Dual Wall Shrink Tube (waterproof)
  • Tube Sizes from 1/8" to 1"
  • Material: Polyolefin (Red and Black)
  • Temperature rated at -45° C to 125° C (-49° to 257° F)
  • Shrink temperature: Start at 70° C (158° F) - Complete Shrunk at 120° C (248° F)
  • Shrink Ratio 3:1
  • Max Electrical Rating: 600 volts