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For over 90 years, Taylor Cable Products have represented quality and customer satisfaction in the automotive and performance racing markets. We are proud to have our Spark Plug Wire Sets firing some of the fastest race and street vehicles in the world. 8mm Spiro Pro, 8.2mm ThunderVolt, 8mm High Energy, 8mm StreeThunder, and 10.4mm 409 Series Spark Plug Wire Sets are a testimony to our commitment to innovation and development of highly functional ignition products.

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collection-image Universal Spark Plug Wire Sets

Extra Long Wire Sets With Only Spark Plug Terminal and Boots Attached

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collection-image Race Fit Spark Plug Wire Sets

Wires Are Cut To Length With Boots And Terminals On Each End

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collection-image Custom Spark Plug Wire Sets

Signature Wires in Custom Sizes To Fit Your OE Application

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collection-image Universal and Custom Motorcycle Spark Plug Wire Sets

Signature Cables For Your Beloved Scoot

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collection-image Battery Products

Battery Boxes, Cable Kits, Terminal Kits, Grounding Straps, and Then Some

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collection-image Spark Plug Wire Accessories

Everything You Need To Stay Wired

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