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New T-Shirts From PerTronix Performance Brands

PerTronix Performance Brands T-Shirts Have Arrived!

We've laid down the PerTronix Performance Brand logos with a sleek profile design on top of a black Gildan Ultra Cotton T-Shirt.  Choose from PerTronix Ignition, JBA Performance Exhaust, Doug's Headers and Patriot Exhaust in sizes Medium to 3XL.

Product Highlights

PerTronix Ignition "Point on Performance" Profile T-Shirt

CHoose Your Size: 

  1. TS501 Size Medium
  2. TS502 Size Large
  3. TS503 Size XL
  4. TS504 Size 2XL
  5. TS505 Size 3XL

JBA Performance Exhaust "Forward Thinking Innovation" T-Shirt

Choose Your Size:

  1. TS601 Size Medium
  2. TS602 Size Large
  3. TS603 Size XL
  4. TS604 Size 2XL
  5. TS605 Size 3XL

Doug's Headers "Fit For Performance" T-Shirt

Choose Your Size:

  1. TS701 Size Medium
  2. TS702 Size Large
  3. TS703 Size XL
  4. TS704 Size 2XL
  5. TS705 Size 3XL

Patriot Exhaust "Performance In The Fast Lane" T-Shirt

Choose Your Size:

  1. TS801 Size Medium
  2. TS802 Size Large
  3. TS803 Size XL
  4. TS804 Size 2XL
  5. TS805 Size 3XL