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Sorry service

The extensions I ordered with the headers were left off. I reordered the reducing extensions and was sent 3bolt flanges to hook up to v-band hraders which definitely will not work. After several phone calls and e-mail and promises of call backs to return these wrong parts I have heard nothing. Probably the worst customer service I have encountered in this hobby

Ignitor kit for 1962 Studebaker Lark with 289 engine.

This Pertronix solid state ignition conversion kit (p/n 1385LS) was simple to install and works great. I was tired of having to replace breaker points all the time, and this was just the ticket!


I’ve emailed 3x now to return and still haven’t got a response

Works great!

Fit perfectly and works perfectly too

1989 isuzu trooper distributor gasket

I bought the thin and thick gasket and neither one worked. Waste of money and time

Thanks to your Chris tech guy could be on the way, Chris gets 5 stars

Prob started with coil burned up., waited for new coil then found the Module was burned up. Then got the module for Lucas? Dist which also looks like it will fit your body, except for pinning the advance it will. After futzing with it for couple hours called Tech got Chris who quickly figured out the problem, down for 4 weeks started future fix’s, now in the middle of that can’t try the dist till get everything back together, unsure I am good to go, summer heat slows progress so might be a while before I know if we now have spark.
If not guess I am in for a new distributor? Wish would have known at 1st that u have a close duplicate, cost me a lot of time, trouble expense.

PerTronix D104600 Flame-Thrower Electronic Distributor Cast Chevrolet Small Block/Big Block with Ignitor Technology Vacuum Advance Black Cap


The car will not rev up. Could it be that the pertronix is not working well because of the old wires and coil that I used prior to changing out plug wires and coil?. Please advise if I need to buy another igniter?

Massy 50

Worked great and didn’t even touch the timing.

Excellent product!!

Haven’t installed this one yet, but installed 2 other units on a 53 dodge and a 50 Buick and they work flawlessly! Looking forward to swapping my 37 Plymouth to 12 volt and not having a points and condenser ignition.

End play!

Waiting for shims from Jegs. My end play was .093”!

67 vette

Had to drill the base plate and modify the dist shaft. Easily worked and functions well

Great products

Bought Pointless ignition, cool and wires in my 1939 International, guys were extremely helpful to assist on the parts I needed, easy to install, fast shipping

Satisfied 😌

Excellent product. Good material. Perfect fit. Good price.

great improvement

I can't believe the difference it makes with how smooth it runs and the consistency of idle and acceleration. I have stock 1600 with 34 pic 3 carb. It idles and accelerates smoother than it ever has. This distributor with stock set up makes for a great combination.

Don’t know yet! I discovered .093” end play in the distributor shaft, and need the proper shims to bring it into spec at .008 to .010”. Jegs had the shims.

Old Ferguson TO-50

I have used Pertronix in the past on my old Ferguson TO-35 tractor without ever having a bit of trouble after installation. So naturally I chose Pertronix again on my old Ferguson TO-50 that had a point setup in it. I took that old stuff out and installed the new electronic ignition and of course it fired right up and ran exceptionally smooth for a tractor that is 75 years old. I use these tractors for doing firebreaks for the grassland fires here in california, so its imperative that these tractors start and run each and every time. Thanks again Pertronics!

Ford industrial 1.6 electronic ign. conversion

Installed electronic conversion with the proper flamethrower coil, started right up way quicker than it ever has. Seems to be more responsive also Only have about a half hour of engine run time on it but so far so good. Paul with ordering was very nice and helpful in finding me the right part numbers and setup. Thank you all at Pertronix.

Ford Dude

Pertronix makes a good product. I have several cars with Pertronix products that work very well.
I haven't installed this latest unit, but experience tells me it will work as it should.

PerTronix 708102 Flame-Thrower Spark Plug Wires 8 cyl GM Custom Fit Black

58 Impala 348 tri-power updated ignition

Swapping the points and condenser to a PerTronix III and installing the complimentary Flamethrower III coil took a bit over an hour and made a noticeable improvement in engine performance. Quicker starting and great smooth power. Not my first PerTronix swap and won’t be my last!