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No spark

I tried the 1181 cant gethat or coil to spark

Great customer service.

Very happy with product. Quit after generator running wild 13 yr after installing.

The entire staff was beyond excellent!


PerTronix 45011 Flame-Thrower II Coil 45,000 Volt 0.6 ohm Black

Wrong Magnet Sleeve for Volvo applications

I struggled with this review. 1-start didn't seem fair given my predicament fits into a pretty small sample set, but my experience has certainly not been 5-star. So...2-star it is.

TLDR: 1970 Volvo 164 with a B30A. There are two distributors optioned for this car, each uses a different magnet sleeve. The kit didn't include the correct magnet sleeve to fit my distributor. Buying a new distributor to make the kit work would end up being on par with just buying the 123ignition distributor. Importing the right piece to make the kit work is also cost-prohibitive.

I was trying to install this on a 1970 Volvo 164 which has a B30A inline 6 engine. Unknown to me at the time (to most old Volvo collectors as it happens), the inline 6 native to this car had two options for distributors from Bosch: a popular one that allows for the use of the provided 16mm magnet sleeve, and a not so popular one that would require a larger 18.6mm magnet sleeve. Turns out I've got the distributor that requires the 18.6mm sleeve. Evidently, back in the day, HotSpark (the progenitor of this ignition conversion) would provide BOTH magnet sleeves, so I know the needed part existed at some point.

That's the break with old cars...things get lost over the years. That's not why I'm giving this a 2-star review. The reason for the 2 stars is I've sent numerous emails to PerTronix customer service inquiring as to whether they have an 18.6mm magnet sleeve for purchase. It's been crickets from them. I can't even get them to respond to the original invoice email, or to a request for an RMA.

HotSpark was acquired by eSpark some time ago, so in an effort to avoid a larger expense, I reached out to them to see if they still sold the part. They at least were able to confirm they USED to sell the part, but that it's now only sold in kits with the rest of the ignition conversion pieces. Also...eSpark is based in Europe so shipping would kill the cost savings anyway. At this point, I've got a new 123ignition replacement distributor on order, and a useless PerTronix conversion kit sitting on the shelf...

Plug n play

Quick and easy to install on 1977 Porsche 911S, and no more need to do points! Yay!
Make sure you you research the correct wiring for cars (like the 70s Porsches) that use the Bosch CDI ignition as the wiring on the diagram provided will not work and may damage the unit.

port opening change

I ordered these headers for a 5.7 hemi swap into a 71 cuda as the advertising on this website and Summit Racing also show the early square port 03-08 port . When they arrived the port is 09 + eagle d port ,to big to seal early port heads . If a change in design or 2 designs are made a different part # or something to help the customer get the right part would go along way to avoid hassles of returning parts and additional cost /delays.

Pertronix coil

Putting a Pertronix unit on the old 50s cars that I like to work on is the single best modification you can make when switching on from 6 V positive ground to 12 V negativeground. Having multiple Sparks go out over 20° of the cycle with a multiple discharge box is another winner to smooth out those engines Pertronix makes one.
The coil Pertronix unit and multiple spark discharge unit in the set I purchased pertaining to this review I put in an ancient dead Forklift that Adam Mopar in-line six and it revived from the dead

Poor fitment and strange flutter/plinking sound emanating from headers

This is my second set of patriot headers, both had clearance issues with the flange making contact with the head bolt between cylinders 3-5 and 4-6. Nothing a grinder couldn't fix but it was a real shame to have to install twice and ruin the beautiful ceramic finish.

First set cracked at collector due high egt from incorrect timing (that's on me) although I've had headers and manifolds on other cars take much more a beating than this and hold together just fine.

Both sets made this strange fluttering/plinking sound (emanating from driver and passenger side), almost sounds like an exhaust leak, but I've verified that it's not. I've reached out to support several times and even shared a video of the sound to try and determine if this is normal or not, no reply yet.

My guess is, what I'm hearing are the exhaust pulses merging at the collector, and maybe it's audible because the tubing is thinner compared to the stock cast iron manifolds? I couldn't tell you because no one from Patriot has responded to me after originally reaching out on July 19, 2022.

My opinion, stick with the stock cast manifolds or find another set of high flowing ones. The noise generated under the hood (which is not were you would expect exhaust noise to come from) by these is obnoxious.

Works great until it doesn’t

Works great until it doesn’t. Electric points replacement device module died suddenly while on vacation for the purpose of using the vehicle at Silverlake Sandune‘s. Almost as cheap to replace the distributor as to replace the module. Of course warranty is over. Not many other options for no points and condenser with a rev limiter for the price. Hopefully this one lasts longer than two years and does not leave me stranded again.

After several times installing pertronics products, first time using the flame thrower coil, it will become part of change over. Clean install.

Perfect replacement

Solved my no spark issues and got my 1970 c50 running

PerTronix 1162A Ignitor® Delco 6 cyl w/Vac-Adv Electronic Ignition Conversion Kit

The entire staff was beyond excellent!

From product recommendation to purchase experience and shipping your staff is top notch! Most importantly the product is all it's cranked up to be...

Worst customer service

Hi I purchased 1285 LS and I wasn't sure if it was right application for my vehicle and I've been trying to contact customer service for tonics in every way shape or form and yet to be contacted I get this review before I even get my problem solved. They won't answer their phone they won't email me back they won't text me back they won't chat me back parts I assume are good service terrible

Didn't Fit

When I spoke to the rep at the Pertronix store he was very knowledgeable about my application, but the (1442) unit did not fit my tractor.

Magnet sleeve

I picked up the extra magnet sleeves because I do a lot of advancement mods to the distributor. I’d read other peoples stories about how they have dropped or broken their magnets and I don’t want to be in that boa now I have plenty of peace of mind. I’m so glad Pertronix offers this replacement part. I have the Pertronix 2 & I love it!

I haven't got the ignitor yet so I can't say what it is doing

You guys treated me right 💯if I need anything you are mt to go guys

You guys took care of me hassle free highly appreciated and I will most definitely recommend you guys 💯👍🤘

tr6 ibn.

great service and help. Installed unit and engine ran until I pulled Dist. retard hose. after some detailed alignment of spark and cap/rotor alignment discovered previous owner had replaced the retard unit and had not fit it to the rotor /cap alignment. Set it up and runs like a top

New starter

Compu fire Starter is very strong I have a high compression motor and cranks it no problem

My hopes are positive. I am not planning to install it in a couple months.

I need to return this it is the wrong coil

I ordered this and when it got here I realized I need a 1.5 ohm coil for a V8 ! Where should I send this to get a refund?

flame thrower

Simple to install and car started right away with the first crank

Wrong part

Got a hold of gentleman on your tech line and he did find me the correct part which I then ordered but I have sent several more emails with further questions and still have not gotten a response and that was over a week and a half ago. The time it takes to get your order processed and shipped to me is ridiculous by todays standards It will be over a week and a half to get what I ordered. Most companies I order from I get in a few days even when it ships from across the country. I ordered replacement parts for wrong part on 7-21 it was not processed until 7-23 then when I looked at the tracking number sent to me I won't receive parts until 7-28. When I ordered original parts they were supposed to show up on a Friday and didn't get them till the following Monday. You might want to think about shipping with FedEx they are on time every time I order from places that use them as a shipper and more times than not it's delivered early. This has been such a hassle getting the right part and the frustration of not getting my emails answered by your tech department I will most likely not order parts from Pertronix in the future I will find another source when working on rat rod/ hot rod projects. Lesson learned on customer service after purchase.