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Even the most savvy DIYer can be intimidated by a wiring job because it can be difficult to pinpoint or troubleshoot issues within an electrical system. There are two important aspects when tackling any wiring job. First, you need to use high-quality supplies and even better tools. Second, is applying the proper technique to your project.  

At PerTronix, we are firm believers that the secret to automotive wiring is the crimping method. Crimped connections keep the wire flexible and can withstand vibration more than a soldered connection. Not to mention, it's fast and easy if you employ the proper tools. PerTronix line of tools will help you complete your wiring project with confidence and ease. 

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Quick Change Ratchet Crimp Kits

The PerTronix 6-piece tool set enables quick, tool-less die changes with five dies for common automotive solderless terminal types including: Non-insulated terminals, Insulated terminals, D-Sub terminals, Open Barrel terminals, and Spark Plug terminals.

  • Offers consistency and repeatability for the perfect crimp each time
  • Features adjustable tension to compensate for thicker or thinner jackets
  • Hardened die sets are zinc plated chromeoly for extra long life
  • Rugged carbon steel tool body with corrosion resistant black oxide finish
  • Ergonomic non-slip over molded rubber grip
  • Ambidextrous design
  • Blow molded plastic case for tool storage
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GM Weather Pack Quick Change Ratchet Crimp Kit

The 220 piece Weather Pack Crimp Tool is a complete kit allowing for the assembly of Delphi weather pack connectors. Includes two quick interchangeable dies. The tool crimps and seals the terminal in one operation.

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Spark Plug Wire Stripping Tool

Another one of our easy to use tools that drastically simplifies the process of making your own spark plug wire sets. Quickly, safely cut the spark plug wire jacket away from the conductor without damaging the core. Works with most 7mm and 8mm wire types.

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Ignition Power Relay

Most pre-1974 vehicles are equipped with OE resistance wires which limit the current for breaker point operation. PerTronix's Ignitor II and Ignitor III systems require a full 12V power connection between the ignition switch and the positive coil terminal. This requires bypassing the ballast resistor or resistance wire. In many cases, the original resistance wire is buried in the vehicle's wiring harness. Adding a PerTronix Power Relay will eliminate the need to dig through the wiring harness and replace wires. Plus, the Power Relay guarantees maximum system voltage for increase power.

  • Easy to follow instructions for simple installation
  • Minimizes conducted voltage spikes by isolating the ignition power source from other high current equipment
  • Provides consistent full battery voltage which means no more voltage fluctuations from overloaded ignition switches
  • Eliminates problems from worn out and corroded ignition switches, connectors, and wires
  • Universal design that works with most battery ignition systems
  • Small size keeps stock engine bay clean
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