Performance spark plug wires provide a careful balance of low resistance and energy

Performance Ignition Spark Plug Wires

MAG X2 Spark Plug Wires boast 500 ohms of resistance and ceramic boots to eliminate burnt wires

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PerTronix Spark Plug Wires

What would a distributor be without new spark plug wires?  Whether you're looking for a custom tailored set or a kit to build wires to match your unique engine and wire loom configuration, we have the options.  We can set you up with 90°, 45°, or straight spark plug boot ends with both male tower and female socket style distributor caps.


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Product Highlights

8MM Universal MAGX2 Ceramic Boot Spark Plug Wires

These are the answer to your burnt wire blues. Each wire is constructed from two layers of ultra-high temperature silicone and rated up to 600° F. The ceramic spark plug boot acts as the primary protection to direct heat withstanding up to 2000° F.


  • Two current paths for reliability and redundancy.  
    • Primary path:  Carbon impregnated fiberglass center core
    • Secondary path: Spiral wound stainless steel alloy
  • Low 500 ohm per foot resistance
  • Lifetime Warranty
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7MM "Stock Look" Spark Plug Wires

Now you can get a "Stock Look" Spark Plug Wire, that performs. We've designed our 7MM wires with the same core we use on our 8MM wire. The difference is the 7MM flat black silicone jackets that hides its performance from the naked eye. Get the best of both worlds with state-of-the-art performance and a "Stock Look".

  • Wires will fit most original wire looms
  • Select custom tailored for a great out of the box fit or a universal kit to match your unique engine and wire loom configuration
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8MM MAGX2 Spark Plug Wires

Most modern electronic ignition systems require suppression style wires to preserve sensitive components. Our 8mm custom fit MAGX2 wires provide enhanced RFI suppression and dual current paths for more power delivered to the spark plug. Our custom wire sets have factory terminated ends for a superior connection and perfect fit without cutting, crimping or splicing.

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7MM "Stock Look" Spark Plug Wires

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8MM MAGX2 Ceramic Boot Spark Plug Wires

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