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PerTronix Ignition System Component Bundles

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PerTronix Ignition Bundles

Upgrading to a complete PerTronix Ignition System will improve your performance with more horsepower and improved throttle response. PerTronix makes it easy including everything you need engineered to perform at its best wrapped in one Bundle. Plus, we offer you the Bundle at a value added price versus purchasing each product individually.


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Flame-Thrower Ignition Bundles

Flame-Thrower Ignition Bundles include a Flame-Thrower Billet Plug n' Play distributor with Ignitor II or Ignitor III technology, a matching low resistance Flame-Thrower chrome coil topped off with a set of Flame-Thrower 8MM MAGX2 universal wires featuring silicone jackets to resist high temperatures. These Bundles are available for most popular Chevrolet and Ford engines as wells as Chevrolet Marine. Bundles include parts covered under C.A.R.B. E.O.'s: Distributor #D-57-23 and Coil #D-57-21.

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Digital HP Ignition Bundles

Digital HP Ignition Bundles makes matching up the proper components for your application a snap. Each Digital HP Bundle includes a Digital HP Ignition Box, a 50,000 volt E-Core Coil and a Plug n' Play Magnetic Trigger Distributor. Digital HP Bundles are available for the most popular Chevrolet and Ford engines with your choice of a black or silver anodized finish Ignition Box.  Bundle includes parts covered under C.A.R.B. E.O.'s: Digital HP #D-57-31, Coil #D-57-21, Distributor #D-57-23.

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