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As the iconic Jeep brand celebrates its 80th Anniversary, JBA's gift to the distinguished Jeep community is a new line of Cat Back and Axle Back Exhaust Systems for a broad range of Jeeps. We are excited to invite Jeep enthusiasts to experience their Jeep with JBA.

The Jeep culture is seeking power and performance and, reliability is undoubtedly front of mind when these trailblazers venture off the beaten path. An aftermarket exhaust system is part of the crux of a vehicle's powerhouse and JBA has plenty of history here. The NEW JBA Jeep Exhaust Line is an upgrade over stock and is designed to check all the boxes for Jeep owners. 


  • Constructed from corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel for the longevity and integrity to withstand exposure to the elements Jeep owners subject their vehicles to
  • Simple, bolt-on installation with no welding or cutting required
  • Exhaust makes itself know with a mild, throaty intonation, distinctly aftermarket without being overwhelming
  • Mid-range price points suit wide range of buyers and vehicle types.

Watch how JBA and friends enjoyed a day off with our Jeeps!

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30-1543 Jeep 2018-2020 Gladiator Buy Now
30-1544 Jeep 2018-2020 JL, Dual Tip Buy Now
30-1539 Jeep 2018-2020 JL, Single Tip Buy Now
30-1545 Jeep 2007-2018 JK, Dual Tip Buy Now
30-1509 Jeep 2007-2018 JK, Single Tip Buy Now
30-1541 Jeep 2004-2006 TJ Buy Now
30-1501 Jeep 2000-2006 TJ Buy Now
30-1514 Jeep 1997-1999 TJ Buy Now
30-1502 Jeep 1987-1996 TJ Buy Now

The New Jeep Line

Jeep 2018-2020 Gladiator

Cat Back Exhaust

  • Part Number 30-1543
  • Comes with both black "offroad" tip for increased clearance and polished stainless "street style" tip

Jeep 2018-2020 JL

Axle Back, Dual Tip

Jeep 2018-2020 JL

Axle Back, Single Tip

  • Part Number 30-1539
  • Comes with both black "offroad" tip for increased clearance and polished stainless "street style" tip

Jeep 2007 - 2018 JK

3.6/3.8 Axle Back, Dual Tip

Jeep 2007 - 2018 JK

3.6/3.8 Axle Back, Single Tip

Jeep 2004-2006 TJ 2.5/4.0

Unltd Cat Back, Single

Jeep 2000 - 2006 TJ 2.5/4.0

Cat Back, Single

Jeep 1997-1999 TJ 4.0

Cat Back, Single

1987-1996 YJ 2.5/4.0/4.2

Cat Back, Single