JBA Exhaust Components & Accessories

JBA offers a variety of  Exhaust Components & Accessories to help you place the finishing touches on your project, perform an upgrade or just some good old-fashioned maintence. Odds are, we've got you covered.

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JBA Exhaust Ignition Wires

Why put old ignition wires on your new JBA equipped engine? Add some PowerCables for improved performance and reliability. JBA PowerCables ignition wires boast less than half the resistance of most factory wires freeing spark energy and increasing performance. Experience as much 5+ HP gain with JBA PowerCables.

  • Extra thick diameters for improved appearance under the hood
  • 100% silicone jackets that resist heat and abrasion
  • Ultra low resistance design for improved performance through ignition system
  • Wire wound mag conductors for superior Electromagnetic Interference supression
  • Custom tailored lengths with cylinder I.D. labels for easy installation
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JBA Mufflers

Get that JBA Sound Now! JBA offers eighteen unique muffler designs engineered to provide the signature JBA sound no matter what vehicle you drive. All Stainless-Steel Construction for lasting performance. Available in both chambered and straight through designs.

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JBA Exhaust Tips

The JBA look for any application.

Nothing completes your exhaust system installation like a high quality JBA Exhaust Tip. Select from our most popular lengths and diameters which fit exhaust pipe sizes from 2 1/2" to 4". These brilliantly polished exhaust tips come in both weld on and clamp on configurations and come with everything needed for an easy and trouble free installation.

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JBA Exhaust Gaskets

JBA's premium header gaskets are made from a specially formulated graphite-coated, high temperature material fused to an expanded steel core. Rated for temperatures up to 1100º F and designed to handle exhaust pressure up to 3200 PSI, JBA gaskets are the last one you'll ever need. All JBA gaskets are perfectly sized to the appropriate JBA Exhaust Header.

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JBA Transmission Swap Crossmembers

JBA offers various pieces to help with the installation of exhaust related parts as well as early Mustang Transmission Swap Crossmembers. You'll find our offerings in this section.

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JBA O2 Extension Wires

JBA offers O2 harness extension wires for cases where headers or exhaust systems have relocated the O2 sensor to a position where the harness will no longer reach. It is not recommended to cut and splice oxygen sensor wiring since this can permanently damage the sensor and cause false readings, which could result in engine damage.

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