Compu-Fire VW Ignition Products

Volkswagen Bugs and Buses are revered in automotive history. With their distinctive aesthetic, they have become a part of pop-culture world-wide.  But they may not be the most reliable vehicle on the planet.  Compu-Fire VW products are designed for reliability and longevity to keep your beloved VW healthy for years to come.

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Compu-Fire VW Ignition Systems

Throw away that old match book cover that you use to adjust your points. Compu-FIre Ignition products will help you convert your old points to an electronic ignition and our Dis-IX Distributorless Ignition is the ultimate system for MAX spark.

  • No more adjusting points made of poor quality materials, improved starting and a cleaner, hotter spark
  • Dis-IX Distributorless system uses a separate coil for each bank of cylinders
    • Bullet-proof design used in race applications guarantees trouble-free service
    • 3X the energy of a conventional electronic ignition system
    • 60,000 volts of spark energy
    • Race proven performance and durability
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Compu-Fire VW Alternators

More power, no problem. Compu-Fire Alternators have charging capability to supply enough power to all your lights, stereo equipment and any other embellishments on your vehicle.

  • 90-AMPS of charging power
  • Charging starts at 900 RPM
  • Internally regulated
  • Offer longevity and reliability
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Compu-Fire VW Starters

Too many slow starts? Compu-Fire high-torque starters are designed to get your VW motor spinning.

  • Heavy duty construction for years of trouble-free service
  • Multiple applications for modified transmissions and motors
  • Simple bolt-on application
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